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Planning your African Journey can be incredibly daunting – there’s so many destinations and so much choice – you probably have a million questions from how do we start choosing to where’s the best destination for travel at the time of year that we want to go, to how much will it cost?  

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been working and travelling the continent for more than 25 years and expertly curating trips for travellers from all over the world to parts of Africa that best suit their particular wish list, so give us a call or send us your wish list so we can start the ball rolling.  

If you’d prefer to do a little more research on your own, we’re giving you a little help in making your choice based on your personal style of travel and intentions to visit…  

Safari Options


Are you looking for a Big 5 Safaris experience? Or perhaps you’d like to go Primate Trekking? Maybe you’re an adventure seeker and there’s plenty in store for you on this diverse continent! There’s Walking Safaris, Cycling Safaris or Horse-riding Safaris for our adventure seekers. 

Family safari options


Family Safaris are a firm favourite and we can assist you with lots of fabulous options, whether your kids are littlies, teens, young adults or if you’re travelling on a tri-generational family holiday! 

Get involved in safaris


For those wanting to get involved, we have soul-stirring conservation focused safaris around the continent that will allow you a hands-on experience in conserving and protecting our environment for future generations.  

Niche safari options


For those wanting a more specific safari experience, we have safaris which follow the migrations, incredible birding safaris for our twitchers, marine safaris for our ocean-lovers and photographic safaris which allow you to gain insight from your photographic specialist who will assist you with capturing the perfect pic!  

“Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all”
- Brian Jackman

Which Will You Choose?


To help you decide, choose the experience that best fits your preference and you’ll be transported to a wealth of information and images that will help narrow down your search. 

After you’ve had a look through some of the ideas and options, talk to us – even if it’s just to bounce your ideas off us. We’ve got years of experience under our belts, a wealth of travel experience whether it be solo, with kids or with a loved one, plus we’re passionate and talking about a new trip is exciting! So let’s chat about your thoughts, we’ll guide you, answer any questions that you may have and help you narrow down your possibilities – ultimately guiding you to book the most perfect trip for you!  

How To Book A Trip


Connect with us

Let’s chat about your bucket-list trip! Call us or enquire online and share your wish list.

Itinerary Creation

We’ll start custom designing a personalised African itinerary especially to inspire you.

Start your trip

When perfect, you’ll confirm and get ready to set off on an epic adventure of a lifetime!