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Mallerby’s Luxury Travel was born out of not only a passion for travel and our beautiful home continent, but through a love of our family, our heritage and our passion for leaving this world as best we can for future generations. Having explored the world and especially Africa extensively, our journeys are uniquely crafted to introduce you to Africa, weaving the complexities of beauty, tradition, conservation, cultures and biodiversity into a magical tapestry that unfolds unexpected experiences and colourful meetings to showcase the magnificence of our Mama Africa, which will touch your soul dearly.

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About Nicki Malherbe

Nicki Malherbe Wray

Nicki’s 25 years’ experience in luxury travel, allows us to work with the best experts, offer you the hidden gems, immerse you in the most transformative experiences and draw from our extensive logistical expertise to ensure worry-free journeys from start to finish.

Neil Malherbe

Neil’s a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for identifying market opportunities and spearheading insightful and successful business solutions. His love for luxury travel, the African continent and conservation, plus his vast network of influential leaders, ensures his personal touches on each and every journey, wanting to share Africa and its richness with you.

About Neil Malherbe
About - Digital Manager - Jeanne Malherbe

Jeanne Malherbe

Jeanne is our digital warrior with 25+ years of experience in website development and digital marketing. She brings unparalleled expertise to our travel company. Her passion for crafting captivating websites and implementing effective SEO strategies has consistently driven remarkable results. With a data-driven approach, Jeanne optimizes campaigns for measurable success, enhancing our online presence.

A Family Affair

What's In A Name

Mallerby’s is a family name, a colourful play on our surname Malherbe, and a gesture of gratitude to our ancestors who arrived here many generations ago. Descendants of French Huguenots and Walloons from present-day Belgium, Nicki and Jeanne are sisters and Neil is their first cousin. We invite you to join our extended family as we showcase this extraordinary continent to you.

Let's Reassure You

Why Choose Us

Why use us… we’ll go to the ends of the earth for you, your family and friends, ensuring it’s the BEST experience you’ve ever had! We’ve got the knowledge, the experience and the passion – from the first call, we’ll intrinsically understand what you want to do and make it happen for you! This is personal for us… we’re sharing our special experiences with you and know you’ll love everything as much as we do.

One thing’s for sure, family is important to us, we’ve travelled for years with our kids, in groups of friends and with extended family and understand the importance this type of high-end travel needs.

Cape Town is our base, but we’re often somewhere on the continent checking out the properties and new experiences for you to enjoy!

Destination Experts

Across the continent, with thousands of miles in the air, on land and across waters, we’ve tried and tested it all in order to offer you only the best of the best!

Experiential & Specialist

50 years’ collectively testing beds, cuisines, guides, vehicles, hospitality, jets, butler service, venues, experiences, charters, activities, Wi-Fi, Spas and more!

Personalised Service

We interact directly with each client, from the first phone call to throughout your journey to post your return home, Mallerby’s travellers are part of our family.

Trusted & Respected

We pride ourselves on our clients all being referred – this is testament to our service, attention to detail, partner relationships, respect and honest care.

Unique Itineraries

Authentic, immersive, inventive, personalized and private using handpicked experiences, trusted key partners and a commitment to sustainability and community.

Ethical Commitment

We believe that travel is an immersive experience, an opportunity to grow as a person and an opportunity to give back to others, for the betterment of future generations.

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