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Seychelles is an incredible treasure trove of 115 islands scattered across the ocean that invite you to explore them. They’re home to some of the most beautiful beaches, the rare coco de mer tree, towering granite boulders, giant tortoises, exquisite coral reefs, forested interiors, secluded coves and luxurious hotels. Choose the slow island vibe or be entertained by the host of activities on offer – from diving to hiking to island hopping to sunbathing on powdery white sands, there’s something for everyone, topped with spectacular natural beauty, sublime cuisine, superb hospitality and true privacy. The most exceptional destination for any celebration, romantic break, or group of friends and family with children of all ages – the kids clubs are phenomenal!  

Map of Seychelles in Africa

‘I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy’
– Ernest Hemingway

What Will the Weather Be?



Seychelles has a gorgeous temperate climate – around 30°C year-round. It’s a fabulous mix of warm sunshine, high humidity and the welcome relief of tropical showers. Two trade winds hit the island: the northwest trade winds blow from November to March, so best to stay on the east side of the island, and the southeast trade winds blow from May to September, so best to stay on the west coast of the island.


During April and May or October and November as they’re the least windy months.


Best to avoid during the wettest months of January and February.


March to May and September to November offer the best visibility.


Although not guaranteed, the best time would be from the end of June to the end of September.

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Explore our sample itineraries to spark your imagination. Everyone is unique, so use these samples as an inspirational canvas waiting for your personal aspirations to paint it.

Remember, at Mallerby’s, we believe in tailoring each journey to the individual, ensuring your travel experience is as extraordinary as you are. Let these itineraries be a starting point, a palette of possibilities, waiting for the strokes of your own desires. Your journey is not just a trip; it’s a reflection of your dreams. Let’s craft it together.

Behold the Wonders of Seychelles


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Where Will You Travel To


seychelles Mahe


Mahe is the Main Island, home to the capital, Victoria, and gateway to the islands from Seychelles International Airport. With more than 60 beaches, lush mountainsides and forests, Creole character and plenty of activities to keep every traveler captivated.  

seychelles Praslin


Praslin is the 2nd largest island, lying 45 km north-east of Mahe, and easily accessible by a 15-minute flight. Home to the Vallée de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of only two places in the world where the famous Coco-de-mer grows wild on palms 

seychelles la digue

La Digue

La Digue is the 4th largest island and lies 40km from Mahe and 7km from Praslin. It’s accessible by boat and bicycle is your mode of transport! A visit to the La Digue Vev Special Reserve is a must to see the rare black paradise flycatcher and rare species of terrapins  

seychelles Desroches Island

Desroches Island

Lying 250km from Mahe, this remote and unspoilt island is surrounded by breathtaking beaches and under plantations of palm trees. The island is home to the luxurious Four Seasons Resort, and is renowned for excellent diving and big game fishing experiences.  

seychelles Felicite Island

Félicité Island

This is the 3rd largest island with accessibility by speedboat or helicopter from Praslin. It’s home to the luxurious Six Senses Zil Pasyon, with coral-fringed beaches and massive granite rocks, and offering a wealth of activities for every travelers enjoyment.  

seychelles North Island

North Island

Set far north, this private island offers the ultimate ‘barefoot luxury’ escape and the consummate privacy. Just 11 private handcrafted villas offer unparalleled exclusivity and luxury. Extraordinary experiences perfectly personalized to your preferences.  

seychelles Fregate Island

Fregate Island

The most easterly of the granitic islands, Fregate Island offers the ultimate private island experience with it’s 16 luxurious villas and 7 glorious beaches. Home to some of the rarest flora on earth and over 2000 giant Aldabra tortoises which roam freely.  

seychelles Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island

Lying 400km southwest of Mahe, it’s the most remote island and has a triangular coral atoll sheltered by the crystalline waters of a turquoise lagoon. Conservation is a high priority with a team of full time scientists and rangers. Exceptional diving and big game fishing!  

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